Use multi-paged editable websites to publicise Clubs and Societies on the net
No Payment required for 24 hours whilst you Test-Drive OurPages Editable Website Creation Templates.
1. Choose a memorable name for your web site address from the 350 listed on pages 12-45 of this online booklet then instantly create your new website online.
2. Use Edit Mode to make changes or add or delete pages.
3. Make further changes as and when necessary as you evaluate OurPages Editable Web Site Creation Templates during YOUR 7 days' trial period.

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Ideal for users with absolutely no technical expertise who can create a website within a few minutes by simply changing, adding or removing the content of the website templates that we initially provide.


We recommend that you print out the Instructions to learn how to use OurPages Instant Editable website templates so that you can Create your WebSite whilst online today. It can be a multi-paged site in your own choice of language. No need to pay immediately, but, if you like your 'personalised website' (which will be visible on the net immediately after you create it) and want to keep it, you will have to subscribe (via a secure server) to our Personal Domain Service within 24 hours. After subscribing, you have a 7 days' TRIAL PERIOD to use our Instant Editable Web Site Creation Templates. So if by chance, you are not satisfied, providing you cancel within 7 days, we promise you a no quibble prompt refund.


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